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City of Atlanta curfew continues at 9:00 p.m. tonight. An 8:00 p.m. to sunrise curfew is effective Friday (6/5), Saturday (6/6) & Sunday (6/7). Exceptions apply to people seeking medical help, working, first responders & homeless.

SE Quadrant Priority 1 and 2 Street Routes

2 Atlanta   Avenue SE Boulevard Pollard   Boulevard
1 Bill   Kennedy Way SE Memorial   Drive Glenwood   Avenue
2 Bouldercrest   Drive SE Flat   Shoals Avenue Fayetteville   Road
1 Boulevard SE McDonough   Boulevard Dekalb   Avenue
2 Browns   Mill Road SE Crown Road Jonesboro   Road
1 Capitol   Avenue SE Martin L King Jr Drive Fulton   Street
2 Cleveland   Avenue SE Metropolitan   Parkway Jonesboro   Road
2 Confederate   Avenue SE Boulevard Edie   Avenue
1 Crown Road SE Browns   Mill Road west to   City Limits
2 Custer   Avenue SE Moreland   Avenue Boulevard
2 East Confederate Avenue SE Moreland   Avenue Edie   Avenue
2 Estoria   Street SE Memorial   Drive Wylie   Street
2 Faith   Avenue SE Moreland   Avenue Stovall   Street
2 Flat   Shoals Avenue SE Moreland   Avenue Flat   Shoals Road
2 Flat   Shoals Road SE Flat   Shoals Avenue Fayetteville   Road
2 Fulton   Street SE Hank Aaron   Drive Connally   Street
1 Georgia   Avenue SE Hank Aaron   Drive Cherokee   Avenue
1 Glenwood   Avenue SE Moreland   Avenue Candler   Road
1 Hank Aaron   Drive SE Fulton   Street McDonough   Boulevard
2 Hapeville   Road SE Mount Zion   Road Cleveland   Avenue
1 Jonesboro   Road SE McDonough   Boulevard south to   City Limits
2 Macon   Drive SE Lakewood   Avenue Cleveland   Avenue
1 Martin L   King Jr Drive SE Peachtree   Street Oakland   Avenue
1 McDonough   Boulevard SE Hank Aaron   Drive Jonesboro   Road
1 McDonough   Boulevard SE Jonesboro   Road Moreland   Avenue
2 McWilliams   Road SE Browns   Mill Road Jonesboro   Road
1 Memorial   Drive SE Capitol   Avenue east to   City Limits
1 Moreland   Avenue SE Hosea L   Williams Drive south to   City Limits
2 Oak Drive SE Browns   Mill Road Empire   Boulevard
2 Old   Hapeville Road SE Cleveland   Avenue Macon   Drive
2 Pearl   Street SE Old Flat   Shoals Road Wylie   Street
2 Sanders   Avenue SE Glenwood   Avenue Moreland   Avenue
1 Sawtell   Avenue SE Jonesboro   Road McDonough   Boulevard
2 Whiteford   Avenue SE Memorial   Drive Dekalb   Avenue